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That evening, Greg and Kim have adventurous relations; Kim is pleased until she finds out why Greg was so enamored.30 October 2000Kim and Christine's father comes to visit.Greg and Kim Warner, together with their offspring (Sammy; their daughter, Emily, joins the cast mid-series) led a well-to-do, if uptight and isolated, life, the latter of which started to change when Kim's sister and her husband, Christine and Jimmy Hughes, came knocking on the Warners' house door (with their own children, Dominic and Logan, in tow) asking for shelter.

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Understanding the Aga’s eccentricities has not always been easy, but supporters – who include the Duchess of Cornwall and Kate Winslet – insist the stoves are able to deliver tasty, moist meat and perfectly baked bread and cakes.

Notes: From here until "Vegas Vacation", Logan will be played by Christopher and Nicholas Berry.

This is also the last episode where Dominic is played by Connor and Keenan Merkovich.

It also has a TV-style remote control and an on-board computer that can be programmed to turn the ovens on and off at pre-set times.

The traditional Aga, fired by oil or gas, has a single burner controlled by a thermostat and takes at least six hours to heat up to the point where it can cook a decent meal.


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