Wpf itemssource binding not updating

The newly added record will be as shown below: (that’s the best straight row highlighting I could do after 3 attempts ;) ) Since the Workbook is shared, the data entered in the worksheet of the workbook can be directly synchronized even when the workbook is open. When you click on the next row or the current row loses focus, the record will be saved in the Worksheet as shown here.

To verify, close the application and reopen the Excel file.

Blend-style behaviors also have their own set of lifetime problems.

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet that has become one of the most important and widely used software for storing, organizing and manipulating data.

Also, it can be difficult in WPF to know exactly when the system is finished with an object.

For views, you get the get a WPF notification that a viewmodel is about to go unused by a view.

The Extended WPF Toolkit project has been downloaded more than 1 million times here and on Nu Get.

I’d like to highlight one more feature that is available in Silverlight if you use my code snippets.


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