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), the 42-year-old actor reveals he had a hard time breaking into Hollywood when he was younger. In His Early Days, Yes But Jane has no guilt or shame.At 18, he was "homeless, didn't have any money, and was living in my car."Jane hints that sometimes, to get by, he would let another man with more expendable income "buy him a sandwich," implying that for Jane to earn that meal, he would have to do something in return. He was willing to do almost anything to break into the television and film industry.In fact, it was his role as a crazy drug dealer Todd Parker in the 1997 drama "Boogie Nights" that got him noticed though the film didn't score well in box office.It was followed by starring roles in "The Thin Red Line" and "The Velocity of Gary".He, afterwards, was recruited by director-producer Renny Harlin to star as the shark wrangler Carter Blake in "Deep Blue Sea" (1999), and to play the title role in "The Punisher" (2004)."The Mist", "Mutant Chronicles", "Drive Hard", "Grizzly", and "Vice" were among the additional features that Thomas added into his resume.He was miserable for months – until he clicked with Renee at a December holiday party.“The relationship is moving fast, but they’re definitely still in the hot-and-heavy stage, kissing and touching all the time and for all to see,” says an insider.

He also starred in the HBO comedy-drama series Hung.

He also had supporting roles in several high-profile films, including The Crow: City of Angels (1996), Boogie Nights (1997), The Thin Red Line (1998), Thursday (1998) and Magnolia (1999).

After receiving critical acclaim as baseball player Mickey Mantle in 61*, Jane received offers for leading roles beginning with Andre Stander in the South African film Stander (2003), for which he gained further critical acclaim.

And, it seems he enjoyed the opportunity to try new things.

"Hey, you grow up as an artist in a big city, as James Dean said, you're going to have one arm tied behind your back if you don't accept people's sexual flavors," he says."I'll tell you what—it's not a choice until you're open enough to experience both male and female sexuality," he continues, referring to sexual orientation.


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