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She has dated a lot people but now she has an affair with Mat Nordgren.Now she is living together with her boyfriend Mat Nordgren.S.—try to reunite their long-divorced parents, played by Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson.The movie performed well at the box office, making more than million globally., written by comedian Tina Fey, that turned Lohan into a bona fide star.Lohan grew up in the wealthy Long Island suburbs of Cold Spring Harbor and Merrick.Stints as a child model and commercial actress brought Lohan into the spotlight at the age of three.Dina added that the abuse continued throughout their 22-year on-again-off-again relationship, alleging at one point Michael raped her in parents home while the children were sleeping. Michael told the Daily News he recalled the events much differently, and that Dina initiated the sexual encounter.

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Michael quickly denied the allegations when the Daily News reached out to him for comment, but Dina insists they are true, and she said she has medical records and police reports to prove it. I want the world to know the root of her problems,” said the troubled star’s mother.The movie received both popular and critical success; it became the 24th highest grossing movie of 2004 and earned Lohan a Teen's Choice Award and an MTV movie award for her performance. The actress, 29, has been keeping her new romance quiet for months but has recently started posting pictures on social media of him and most recently captioned one: "I love him"., the man in question is 22-year-old Russian heir Egor Tarabasov, who currently works in London as the managing director to Home House Estates, according to his Linked In profile.Interestingly, he also sent out this obscure little tweet the day before Michael Lohan's intervention: , “I think I’m the best influence on her.” He says he's a big fan of hiking and fishing, and is trying to get Lindsay to do the same. “The deal is she is surrounded by a bunch of fuck-ups,” he explained as to how he's different from the other people in her life. Lindsay Lohan full name Lindsay Dee Lohan is an American actress, model and recording artist as well. After it she got to play more than 60 TV commercials which made her like a TV Advertisement veteran.She also happened to be punished with 90 days stay in Jail which for shortened to 14 days due to over-crowding.


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