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At the time of publishing this story, Iommi has yet to respond to the allegations.

She wrote, "After snorting tons of blow, he got angry and choked me unconscious.

“When I woke up, I saw him holding a chair above my head.

I rolled over, and luckily I moved fast enough that he missed me and the chair smashed into the ground.” Ford concluded that she ran away that night to former boyfriend Nikki Sixx, who prescribed her some heroin to snort to make the pain go away. Obviously, these are very serious allegations made against Iommi.

She became the lead guitarist in the all-girl hard rock band The Runaways, whose debut album was released in 1976.

With their punkish sound, provocative stage outfits and rebellious lyrics, the band shocked many in the rock world, and achieved mild popularity until they broke up in 1979.


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