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Of course, Rock is still trying to finalize the details of his divorce from Malaak Compton-Rock.The pair would have been married 20 years this November, but Rock filed papers in December of 2014.Nia is a successful copy writer at ad agency, and she leads white yuppie life (though her mother is black).She quits the agency when she is ordered to push a new brand of beer to black urban kids and goes searching for her racial identity.More than a year later, they’re still trying to figure things out and have had some public clashes, specifically over the South African child they took in years ago.But Echikunwoke, whom people say looks a lot like a younger version of Compton-Rock, and who is also Nigerian and White, seems very happy with her beau.

She will use everything that is possible to get your respect and confidence.After the pre-Grammy event, she even shared a photo of the flowers Rock gave her for Valentine’s Day. I asked my friend if she would entertain a relationship or even just date a guy in the midst of a divorce, and she was actually somewhat open to it.“Depends on how far along he is in the process,” she said.“I would probably go on a date and see where his head is, but I don’t think I’d want to consistently date until it was officially over.”And I could understand that.We’ve talked in the past about whether or not it’s a good idea to date a man who is separated from his wife (the response was something to the effect of, “terrible idea! But would you date a guy who is actually actively taking steps to get out of his marriage even though it’s taking longer than planned?, and she was on his arm as his date for Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy gala this past Sunday.She will also do it for a while the longer she can get you to trust and fall in love the better.


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