Who is jojo dating wwe

But 31-year-old Samantha's high-profile Miami lawyer, Ray Rafool, told Daily exclusively he obtained phone records showing that Wyatt is maintaining 'continuous contact' with Jojo.

According to Jim Knox, Bray Wyatt's (Rotunda's) attorney: 'I do represent Mr.

Bray Wyatt and Samantha Rotunda met in college, as they both attended Troy University in Alabama.

It was there that Bray Wyatt played collegiate football for two years, and he went to the school on a football scholarship.

WWE superstar Dana Brooke is devastated over the death of her boyfriend, Dallas Mc Carver -- but says she knows the bodybuilder will be her guardian angel for the rest of her life.

The 26-year-old bodybuilding phenom passed away early Tuesday morning after apparently choking on his food at a Florida home.

Jo Jo wrote on Instagram at the time, β€œIt feels like just yesterday 😍 Thank you for being you.

"' "Dallas was an exceptional body builder, but I didn't see him for that .. He is the best individual I have ever met-- my ying to my yang." "You were my life, you are my life, I still smell u and feel ur presence, NEVER LEAVE MY SIDE." Brooke says she plans on starting a charity to honor Mc Carver's memory -- and posted several hashtags to pay tribute to Dallas ...

23-year-old Jojo Offerman and Bray Wyatt, were allegedly in a secret relationship, according to Samantha.

Jojo is the daughter of Jose Offerman, who was an infielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

He also accuses her of defaming him to several people in the community.

Samantha Rotunda also states in her divorce petition that she and Bray Wyatt, who married in 2012 and separated in March this year.


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