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They put that notion to the test in "The Platonic Permutation," as they go to the aquarium together on Thanksgiving.

Their romance intensifies the rivalry between two New York street gangs, the Jets and the Sharks.

While concerned about him, Bones and Brennan (Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz) have another investigation, leading them to interview the multiple suspects who could have wanted a public defender dead. Zanna Roberts Rassi serves as mentor to the designers. on CMTV The Dude Perfect Show Comedy viral sensation Dude Perfect concocts its next video as these five college buddies take their act to a new venue: cable TV. Cons In a new episode called "Candy Clash," the contestants first show off their skills by preparing a pasta dish with the surprise ingredient of corn. along the lines of the classic movie "The Magnificent Seven," which this story clearly takes its title from. Solomon: Conclusion," as one of their own is in peril following a tragedy.

In tonight's series premiere, country star Luke Bryan joins the guys for a truly epic Archery Cart Battle, and one of the show's interns is given a crash course in how to behave more naturally around celebrity guests. The second round is notably tougher, challenging the cooks to incorporate candy into their entrees. Usual procedures likely won't work for a rescue attempt — and if anyone is a master of the unconventional, it's Red. on KDVR American Grit WWE veteran John Cena has made a mark in movies ("12 Rounds," "Trainwreck"), and he moves into the reality-competition-show arena with this new series premieres with "Ruck Up." Cena is an executive producer as well as the host, as 16 contenders are divided into four teams and mentored by military members in tackling a bounty of challenges in a Washington State forest.

Naomi was born on September 14, 1992 in Beverly Hills.

She is the daughter of Charles and Tracy Clark and the younger sister of Jen Clark.


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