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"He's coming into this thinking he didn't have a daughter because, where we left off with him, he thought [Regina] had an affair with someone else and Daphne was a lovechild." as Bay's biological father In the interview below, Marano and Leclerc also talk about Bay's new romance with Daphne's best friend, Emmett (Sean Berdy).

While Marano calls the pair "kindred spirits," Leclerc reminds us that Daphne gave up her relationship with Liam for Bay, yet Bay continues to date Emmett.

Will she ever break that rule or has she already done it? Vanessa Marano is usually surrounded by charming men coming in and out of the show, but she is adamant about not dating a co-actor since it isn't an option for her.

She goes by her mother's word: No dating actors!

While the Fans drool over actors and actresses and fancy them to the possible extent, it might not be the same case in the actor's context; they don't necessarily fancy people from the same profession.

Venessa Marano, the ' Switched at the Birth' Star, shares the same choice; as dating a Co-Star is against her rules.

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Meanwhile, it is looking less and less likely that Laura and her Austin & Ally co-star Ross Lynch are not dating.” Since then, there have been no reports on Marano’s love life.She said that it would never work out, since they work together professionally and that is apparently big “no” for her.This didn’t discourage similar rumors after she started playing on Switched at Birth.There are some rumors about possible boyfriends though. While playing on Austin & Ally, Marano was rumored to be dating co-star Ross Lynch.Although the rumors were pretty persistent, Vanessa herself denied ever dating him.Just last year, however, there were reports of another potential man in Marano’s life– Jason Mraz.


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