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The ring can range in size from small to very large and up to 6" in diameter.Most ringworm infections are generally average in size and it is more rare to have an infection that is very small or very large.After that first email, I received several more "Wedge hunters" who wanted photos of the original to take to their stylists.Several of them told me that the Hamill Wedge was becoming "hot" again.Jessica, 36, was hard to miss in a sparkly purple cold-shoulder frock and skyscraper heels.Her blonde locks were styled in glamorous curls and she carried a large metallic clutch and mirrored aviators.He also has a 20-year-old son, Sean, with ex Audrey Ince.Donald Faison is mourning the death of his ex-wife, Lisa Askey Faison, mother of three of his children.

The mother-of-two is married to Naess' brother Evan Ross, who was by her side wearing a dark suit and beige fedora.Ringworm also know as Tinea is not actually a worm.It is a fungus organism present just about everywhere.(Photo of the original Wedge from Visions In Hair by Trevor Sorbie).The first visitor explained that there are all sorts of versions of the Wedge out there, but she had not been able to find out anything about the original Wedge.The Scrubs alum shared a heartfelt post about her passing in an Instagram post on Wednesday, March 1.


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