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‘Looks like a lone B-San running radar…I’d guess it’s mapping,’ he advised his command headquarters.‘Altitude…probably 10,000 meters…out of triple A and fighter range.’ After a couple more sweeps he plotted the vector and reported, ‘Their course will take them over Nagasaki…if you want to alert Civil Defense.’ Nagasaki lay 25 kilometers south of the radar station. He knew Japanese fighter planes would not scramble.KRON-TV/San Francisco ends its affiliation with NBC after 52 years and becomes an independent station after Young Broadcasting, which purchased the station for 3 million in November 1999 from the de Young family (who also sold the San Francisco Chronicle to the Hearst Corporation), refuses to agree to demands made by NBC to manage KRON under the conventions of a network-owned station (which included rebranding from "KRON 4" to "NBC 4", and airing the entire network schedule in pattern with pre-emptions reduced to those necessitated due to extended breaking news coverage).San Jose-based WB affiliate KNTV (which served as the ABC affiliate for the South Bay from 1960 until 2000, when it agreed to disaffiliate at the request of the Bay Area's primary ABC station, O&O KGO-TV) assumes the NBC affiliation and soon afterward is sold to the network by the Granite Broadcasting Corporation, whose remaining Bay Area station, KBWB-TV (now independent station KOFY-TV), consequently became the market's sole WB affiliate.The Boeing B-29 was too high, and they couldn’t afford to waste the fuel in a futile attempt to bring down the bomber.Back on the line to headquarters 10 minutes later, he had just gotten the words out: ‘They should be over Nagasaki now…,’ when his screen went blank.

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No sooner seated, he spotted a blip moving southward.Bellwether's perception on predator mammals is that they are an irredeemable breed with an unjustified superiority complex over prey.To Bellwether, majority rules, and in Zootopia, it is fact that the prey population drastically outnumbers that of predators.The rest, as they say, is history (and a lot of juicy gossip, too).In her interview on Take Two with Phineas and Ferb, when Phineas Flynn asked what it was like to grow up on the farm, Piggy replied "Very humbling...6/12/2006 • Aviation History Web Exclusives, World War II Ichiro Miyato, of the 27th Radar Squad (Southern Kyushu), returned to his radar screen after helping carry material for the new construction, which, when completed, would provide a more powerful and well-camouflaged radar installation intended to detect, at a great distance, the anticipated invasion by American forces.


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