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Little girls never dream of one day becoming a prostitute. Many women become drug addicts or alcoholics in order to work. He was always a reminder of a time in my life I wanted to forget.”Sex sells.One woman whose name I won’t use told me: “I was raped, became pregnant, and had no where to go. Here was a married man, much like Eliot Spitzer with two little girls and he wouldn’t let me go. And, you know, it wasn’t much different than having been a whore. On Monday when the New York Times broke the Spitzer sex story online, their servers crashed.In case you hadn't gotten your Ashley Dupre fix by now, below we've posted parts II and III from her much-hyped weekend interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer on 20/20. The former incident is well-documented at this point. Eliot Spitzer thought Ashley Dupre was hot enough to fork over ,300/hour and a career in politics for. Now that Ashley Dupre dropped her lawsuit (for million) against Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild, the sleazy entrepreneur says he's now got him "the green light" to release her crazy skin show from Spring Break 2003.Below, the Jersey Girl talks about her troubled upbringing, the things that drove her to a life as an escort (not prostitute! With her first TV interview set for Friday, Ashley Alexandra Dupre also sat down with People, telling the celebrity news magazine that she's "a normal girl.""Everyone just knows me as 'that girl,' but I'm not just 'that girl,'" the 23-year-old former hooker of New York Gov. The woman whose identity Ashley Dupre stole to (falsely) state she was 18 before being filmed by Girls Gone Wild is now suing the ex-hooker. She was also featured in an episode of 30 Rock as Kerrie.After Ryan Gosling, Labine is probably the most high-profile alum of Breaker High.Eliot Spitzer to do some serious thrusting of his own (if you know what we're talkin' about), Ashley Alexandra Dupre is granting her first prime-time interview. To borrow one of many classic Office Space quotes, we recommend Thomas Earle use protection - because Ashley Dupre gets around. Poised to ruin yet another marriage, the 23-year-old former prostitute spent a day - and night - cavorting around Manhattan with the handsome, rich president of a major New Jersey asphalt company, Thomas Earle, a.k.a. On the left, we have Ashley Dupre, doing what she does best.

"I have a lot of depth, a lot of layers."Nine months after being thrust into the limelight for allowing former New York Gov. " We know for a fact you guys (and girls) would gladly do so in this case. So we decided to mix it up a bit and pit two lovely ladies against each other. NOTE: Coming Soon is not the title of the proposed reality show, appropriate as it would be. Slinging the poon for ,300 an hour was good while it lasted, but the hooker who serviced New York Gov.

Kenya played Jennifer Stadler on Malibu, CA, appeared in one episode of Seventh Heaven, and played Christine in two episodes of Lie to Me.

Social deviant Eliot Spitzer’s public support of cyber flasher Anthony Weiner’s run for mayoral office shouldn’t surprise anyone. What’s interesting to me is that a post I wrote in the days following Spitzer’s moment of infamy has been getting a lot of hits lately. Ashley Dupre, as many have argued, did not bring down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

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