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"I think that what's hard is that she's the victim of something that was really scary and a really unfortunate incident.

(She) being classified even remotely close to Ray Rice and these other domestic violence incidents is ridiculous and outright wrong."That part is difficult. Soccer on Thursday admonishing the organization for its lackluster response to the allegations against Solo. That's not the case as we can see."Stevens and Solo married in November 2012, a day after Stevens was arrested on fourth-degree domestic violence assault following an altercation in which Solo was injured. The former football player received a DUI conviction for an incident in January where he was driving a U. national team vehicle with blood alcohol nearly twice the legal limit in Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Hope Solo's plans for a top-secret wedding on Tuesday Nov. Unbeknownst to the public, the Olympic soccer goalkeeper, 31, had intended to marry NFL star Jerramy Stevens in Seattle, Wash.; instead, early Monday, the former player for the Seahawks was arrested for allegedly assaulting Solo, the reports. Police responded to a disturbance call at a private home in Kirkland, Wash., after a wild party left several revelers injured.

Upon investigating, officers arrested Stevens, 33, on suspicion of fourth-degree assault.

In the 15 days since, Solo faded from the spotlight. Why doesn't Lionel Messi marry his longtime girlfriend and mother of his newborn child? This isn't a new fascination to peer into Solo's personal life and psyche either. There isn't a particularly good arguement for caring. If she isn't happy, well, lots of people aren't happy in their relationship. I've never been hit in my life." Good for you, Hope.

People ceased to care and she, nor Stevens, was a topic of conversation -- until today. Ideally, everyone would be happy and should they choose to marry, be happily married. Less time has been spent analyzing athletes in other sports who have been arrested themselves, sometimes for violent crimes. Morgan, Dempsey, Messi and the rest of these soccer players are left to lead their lives, have their relationships and do as they please. She has been scrutinized and judged for years, long before Stevens came into her life. We have been conditioned, told and/or compelled to care about Solo's personal life in a completely different way than we have other soccer players, certainly different than we have American soccer players and most definitely other women soccer players. Solo is an adult, capable of handling her own life without our half-baked and ill-informed judgement. You shouldn't ever be hit, nor should you or anyone else stand for it. Next story, or should we examine Tim Howard's relationships too?

She competed on the 13th season of ABC’s reality TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ with her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Hope Solo was pitied for being the victim of domestic violence. All the while, nobody really knew if she was ever abused or in any danger.

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S women's soccer star Hope Solo, according to various reports.In a wild day, made only crazier by the ridiculous conclusions that people were too eager to jump to, Solo showed up to court to see her fiance appear on a domestic violence charge that was quickly dismissed. The former NFL player has a long history of arrests, bad judgement and downright sickening behavior.There was no evidence for the court to charge Solo's fiance nor was there nearly enough for observers to come to any legitimate, conclusions but while the court acted intelligently, the public didn't. On that alone, Solo was deemed crazy to date him, agree to marry him and a day after appearing in court, marry him. People were compelled to care about Solo's non-domestic abuse and weigh in. Some have questioned whether she could possibly be happy with Stevens despite her statements, because they know, or something.Hope Amelia Solo is an American professional soccer goalkeeper who played for her country’s national team from 2000 to August 2016.One of the greatest female goalkeepers of all time, she is the present holder of the US record for most career shutouts.Both Stevens and Solo attended the University of Washington.


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