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I think a good indicator would be if she kiss me back harder or try something new?

If she moans or breathe heavily then I know Im successful.

In order to be kissed, a girl HAS TO be relaxed, comfortable, and above all, she HAS TO trust you.

I also urge you to re-read this article, which talks about all the different aspects of comfort building. Now that you’ve had a serious conversation with her, and from now on you feel a bright shining connection between the two of you, ever since she (partially) opened her heart and her mind to you; it’s imperative that you make this whole thing real.

Reading the Conversation Reading Body Language Making a Move Community Q&A Knowing if someone will be receptive to a kiss can be the source of quite a bit of anxiety, but it doesn’t need to be.

If you know what to pay attention to in someone’s conversation and body language, you can actually tell pretty accurately how well you’re doing and whether or not a kiss would be welcomed.

Here is my story: I make out with my girl every now and then and I don't need sex yet because thats not important to me. I am never sure though of wether I turned her on and make her horny because holding her and rubbing face alone turns me on.

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Here is my story: I make out with my girl every now and then and I don't need sex yet because thats not important to me. I am never sure though of wether I turned her on and make her... I need advice on how to turn my girlfriend on while making out.

But first let me introduce a few general concepts about kissing in the context of seduction. don’t follow the example of guys who failed, and keep in mind that taking the initiative is a strong indication of your seductive power. You’re officially declaring that the nonsense running through your head, and through her head as well, has come to an end :) …

You have to choose EXACTLY the right moment for a first kiss that’s truly… So now let’s see, how and when to kiss a girl according to the rules of the art form and, above all, how to know whether she’s really ready to be kissed. I’m going to share a set of tactics that will lead to your kiss, or to a kiss close as we say, with the best possible outcome! 4 out of 5 girls will tell you their first kiss was inept and awkward, because the guy made things too complicated and weird before he even made the decision to touch his lover’s lips… When you kiss a girl, you’re announcing that the festivities are well and truly underway.

The situation is just like a football game, when you’re ahead, and you’re playing at peak level, you have to score points to win, so just KISS HER!

But before we get to that, let me give you a little trick to figure out whether she really wants to be kissed… it’s her HAIR Hair represents – wait for it – 50% of a woman’s beauty !


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