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Just mail you recipient afterwards and get a cash back from the company in return. i OS (1.99$)Claiming to be another “best app for couples”, Between does have a handy set of features each of you would love!Create your gorgeously styled intimate space where you can exchange and store photos, voice messages, cute stickers and animated emoticons.Known to locals as the “Conch Republic,” this smallish — 2-by-4 mile — cay at the southernmost tip of Florida is a fantasy island for many, filled with an entertainingly odd mix of deadheads, drag queens, sloppy drunk frat kids, fussy older gentlemen, a sprinkling of literati, cats with six toes and gay strippers.What more could you want from a Florida resort town?A special bond exists between Prince fans online — especially those who have been congregating, sharing their love of the Purple One and interacting with the man himself through his decades of digital evolution, from AOL’s early chatrooms to the modern-day hum of Twitter.

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I was making little apps and the web came out right as I got out of high school and into college, and I ended up dropping out of college because I loved the Internet so much.Bookstores and bars, young galleries and fresh magazines, even a shiny new outpost at the airport -- here are the public spaces in New Delhi, physical and figurative, that offer a hip, cool place to hang out.Once you know CMYK is shorthand for cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black), the order in which colored inks are applied to a page at a printers, it's easy to deduce that the printing process is championed at this little bookshop.It allows to create private to-do lists, grocery lists and even small projects, exchange photos and text, plus have a special calendar sync between the two of you to always stay aware when who is up to what.i OS (free)An app focused on creating more meaningful talks and understanding your SO better.The Ice Break entails a list of questions to either exchange answers in private or ask and answer anonymously within the community.It's the knickknacks though, the quick fixes for design junkies, that have been flying off the shelves -- fillable vases you can collapse and store flat, credit-card-sized reading glasses that slide into a wallet, personalized stationery, Pantone-colored Seletti chairs, pocket art books -- all the aesthetic accoutrements desperately needed in design-deprived New Delhi. Naysayers can whinge about the reinforcement of trigger-happy, aggressive behavioural patterns. The desi obsession with bright and brilliant colors finds perfect expression in the paintball field at New Delhi's Select Citywalk Mall in Saket.


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