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Or just had taken their underwear off already and then couldn’t be bothered to put it back on again. French Connection ie the clothing brand have got into Chatroulette, for advertising purposes.

“Chatroulette does not tolerate broadcasting obscene, offending, pornographic material and we will have to block users who violate these rules from using our service” these are the terms of use of the site- at least 50% of users certainly haven’t read these. I would like to report that people have been seen masturbating with lettuce and “real” raccoons and – but I doubt that would surprise anyone.

Will the excitement of group Chat Roulette live on? “I certainly don’t think it will be as exciting,” he says. “anonymous masturbator” and “professional comedian”. I don’t have a question, but this is as good a place as any to thank you for that evening.

I ran around Union Hall for 10 minutes laughing and saying that it was the most ridiculous thing I could imagine happening. SAME REDDIT USER: I got a writeup in Huff Po: When an anonymous masturbator types “OMG EUGENE MIRMAN”, the name of the professional comedian currently manning the laptop at that point, Mirman does a lap of the room in hysterics, patted on the back and high-fived by well-wishers. The level of excitement about Chat Roulette totally died down. REDDIT USER: I was the guy that got your face tattooed on my arm during The Drunk Show.

Many random cam sites have very little users which makes it incredibly hard to discover new friends and actually get someone to stay on cam long enough to hold a conversation.

It is often the case that you find yourself despising the experience due to the lack of face time with other users but this doesn’t have to be the case!

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Web academics predict that the penises will go and be replaced by celebrities: “After Chat Roulette users become more acquainted with the system (ie., do not browse solely to explore), we predict a decrease in explicit content, an increase in the consolidation of content genres, and an increase in the formation of celebrity figures.” say the webecology team, an interdisciplinary research group based in Boston, USA.

Comedian Eugene Mirman did a question-and-answer session on Reddit today, and things instantly got super weird. “People might be using it but it won’t nearly have the same level of frenzy to it.” “I hope people won’t be typing my name as they rub their penis into the camera,” Mirman continued, before pausing and smiling, “But you know what? Trying to explain why you are on my shoulder always makes for a great story. REDDIT USER: Letters you write to businesses seem to end up in your comedy routines, is that something you do regularly or just for your stand up?

It's a good bet that the solitary mouth-breathers on Chatroulette are also scouring the windswept plains of Craigslist, so it's a wise place to start if you fell in love while e-jerking.

We did a quick search of Missed Connections in major cities — New York, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, and London — and this is some of what we found.


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