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Electronics covers solutions for the semiconductor industry.E = Equipment = Equipment N = Nasschemie = Wet chemical A = Automatisierung = Automation The company name RENA defines well the product range of the RENA standard and customized wet process equipment solutions.In addition, it has become newly understood that the batteries of certain laptop PC models manufactured by Fujitsu between April 2013 and June 2014, and their optional batteries, may also ignite and result in fire.Accordingly, to prevent further instances, we ask customers to immediately check if they have the battery packs listed in "Affected Battery Packs" below.

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*available in select countries Download now: Our global reach and expertise helps millions of customers – from small businesses to large multinationals – unlock their potential.Pulsa el botón de Enviar o pulsa la tecla de Enter/Intro de tu teclado para enviar el mensaje a la conversación actual del chat.Pulsa el nombre de la persona y selecciona Susurrar para enviarle un mensaje privado sin abandonar la sala de chat. Pulsa en un nombre y selecciona Chat Privado para comenzar una conversación privada por la persona seleccionada.RENA products are used in the areas of application Green Energy, Medical and Electronics, which reflect the vital needs of people living in today's industrial society. solar cells, circuit boards or dental implants using wet chemicals or water.RENA produces standardised machines with guaranteed processes as well as systems tailored to specific customer requirements.The area of Green Energy applications includes activities for solar cell- and solar wafer production.


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