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They came from Piedmont and brought their own minister, Mandi Long of Anniston, who got ordained from the Universal Life Church just to conduct marriages today. Then, courthouse employees announced the technical problem had been corrected, and licenses were passed out.Long said she did so because she doesn't "think anyone has the right to stop love." "I don't know why people are trying to stop it instead of celebrate it," she said. After paying the fee, at about 10 minutes before 10 a.m.Then it appeared Alabama would allow same-sex marriages, so they changed their plans.Even then, they were not technically the first same-sex couple this morning to seek a license.Excellent site" (jimicool) "Great to finally have one place to find everything a man wants.Log in here and click Contact Us Not registered yet?A photo posted by Michael Martinez (@michaelwrites) on "Putting the U. It really is." Ryann Nieves, 37, a risk manager who's a lesbian, said she wouldn't get choked up when talking about the Scotus ruling, but she did an interview with CNN."Just talking to you I'm emotional about it," she said.

"And look," Long said, at the ceremony's close, as friends blew bubbles in celebration, "not a single heterosexual marriage was damaged in all of that." Then, it was Wilkerson and Stokes' turn.

She had conducted several professional workshops and educational seminars for health care workers.

Moreover, Dr Elham had addressed the public of Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf region through a series of workshops, seminars and lectures.

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