Vba powerpoint screenupdating false

Number Format If str Num Format Header = vb Null String Then str Num Format Header = "@" str Num Format Data = cht Chart.

Select Else '//Copy & Paste Chart Not Linked obj Chart. Copy Picture Appearance:=1, Size:=1, Format:=2 pp Slide.

Calculation = xl Calculation Manual Stop Events: Use Application.

You may turn off the automatic calculation using Application.

I have not been able to replicate this scenario where i get a new standalone workbook with Title "Chart in Microsoft Excel" using Excel VBA. Assuming there is a simple column chart on the sheet, here is the code: Option Explicit Public wbk New As Workbook Public Wbk Name As String Sub Get Chart Data(By Ref Chart_Object As Chart Object) Dim cht Chart As Chart Dim pnt Point As Point Dim lng Loop As Long Dim lng Loop Srs As Long Dim lng Srs Count As Long Dim lng Plot By As Long Dim lng Chart Type As Long Dim lng SU As Long Dim lng Sec Srs Cnt As Long Dim wbk Active As Workbook Dim wks New As Worksheet Dim var Arr YVals() As String Dim str Num Format Header As String Dim str Num Format Data As String Dim str Num Format Data Sec As String Dim str Fmla As String Dim str Sht Name As String Dim str Range As String Dim str List Sep As String Dim str Acell As String Dim bln Has Label As Boolean Dim bln Flag As Boolean Dim bln Size Stored As Boolean Dim lng Arr Sec Srs() As Long Dim var Arr Output() As Variant Dim var XVal As Variant Dim var YVal As Variant Dim var Val As Variant Dim var Splt Fmla As Variant Dim var Splt Range As Variant With Application lng SU = .

Chart Type) Select Case lng Chart Type Case -4111, 51, 52, 57, 58, 65, 93, 94 'Line, Column, Bar Re Dim var Arr Output(1 To lng Srs Count 1) Re Dim var Arr YVals(1 To lng Srs Count 1) var XVal = cht Chart. XValues var Arr Output(1) = var XVal var Arr YVals(1) = vb Null String On Error Resume Next var YVal = cht Chart.


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