Validating canadian atpl to faa

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Observation: The log-on requests at and both had low carrier-to-noise-density (C/No) ratios, but normal receive power levels, indicating high noise levels.

Observation: When MH371 was traveling in a region of overlapping satellite coverage of the IOR and POR satellites, there were multiple automatic log-offs and log-ons with no indication of problems.

(Many) Inference: The multiple log-off and log-ons seen during MH371 are not indicative of a problem with the SATCOM.

Similarly low (C/No) ratios were observed several times during MH371 under normal conditions.

(Mike Exner) Inference: The low (C/No) ratios at and were not likely due to abnormal aircraft maneuvers or attitudes.

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Last month, we published the complete logs for all communications that occurred on March 7 and 8, 2014, between the SATCOM unit aboard airframe 9M-MRO and the Inmarsat satellite network.

(All times and days refer to UTC.) This includes communications before and during MH370 as well as the previous flight, MH371, between Beijing and Kuala Lumpur.

Verify the Authenticity of a Foreign License, Rating, and Medical Certification.

Administrative Process for the Reissuance of FAA Pilot Certificates (EASA Member States Only) Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License - Form (PDF file, requires acrobat reader).


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