Updating zoneedit

This module is not written nor supported by Zone Edit LLC.Copyright (c) 2003-2006 Gavin Brock [email protected], Copyright 2009-2010 Evan Giles.You can use the default DNS server of your Internet connection, or use any other DNS server that you specify.After retrieving the DNS records for the desired domains, you can save them into text/xml/html/csv file.

Have you found that hosting a web site or FTP server on your own home computer is close to impossible because you have a dynamic IP address that changes every time you connect to the Internet?Added support for IDN domains (Internationalized domain name).When you type a domain name with non-English characters, DNSData View automatically converts it to its Ascii form and then submit it to the DNS server.A warning will be generated if it's not installed unless you set directory of the module distribution.These are designed to run out of cron (or similar). Every domain must have a Start of Authority record at the cutover point where the domain is delegated from its parent domain.


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