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Sometimes it will be necessary to add a pointer to the information in the documentation.LFS stands for Linux From Scratch which is a project that aims to teach you about the inner workings of Linux by building a Linux system by downloading, building, and installing the packages yourself. LFS is a very basic system, in massive contrast to traditional distributions.There is zero chance a port for one model will work on another. Currently, the CHDK program is available for Canon powershot digital cameras of the following models: do not have official CHDK releases.Check porting status here For the development status of not-yet-supported cameras, see For Developers.The camera does not need to have "related" or "inherent" features already present— CHDK will add the required functionality.New features are accessed through CHDK-specific menus, rather than the default camera menus.To install the Guest Additions for a particular VM, you mount this ISO file in your VM as a virtual CD-ROM and install from there.

Since it is allowed as much time as it wants to do it’s analysis, the advisor can sometimes find better approaches.

As CHDK is continually evolving, new features are often added.

Thus, some of the listed features depend on you using a version of CHDK that has those features.

Turns out that the OPT_ESTIMATE hint used by SQL Profiles which are created by the SQL Tuning Advisor is what I really didn’t like. It’s a feature that was added to Oracle in version 10g.

For a while now I have been saying that I didn’t like SQL Profiles because they were less stable than Outlines. I posted about Oracle’s SQL Tuning Advisor a while back.


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