Updating from fedora 9 to 10 Mexico cam xxx live

I have experimented this with a fresh installation just a few days ago.

To get started with Docker CE on Fedora, make sure you meet the prerequisites, then install Docker. For a list of supported operating systems and distributions for different Docker editions, see Docker variants.Objective :- ● Manually upgrade fedora core kernel using rpm package ● To upgrade the package currently installed to a new version. This is the same as install, except all other version(s) of the package are removed after the new package is installed. Check the current kernel version with this command. If there is no change to the kernel version, your upgrade may be failed.ability :- ● able to query information about currently installed package. The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of the Red Hat Linux operating system. in this example, the upgrading process is successful base on the version change to new version.So, if I can create a small FAT partition, and an appropriate boot partition, what's else needed to get this system booting? Lars You can as long as you use a different SD card for this. The question is: Can I upgrade to Fedora 25 without reinstalling with use of a new image?


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