Updating formware for a81e

O i Pad foi apelidado de muita coisa e teve vaticínios impressionantes, mesmo de alguns players do mercado tecnológico. Em Janeiro deste ano, a Apple dava início ao que se está a tornar no mais apetecido mercado neste final de ano e certamente dominará o próximo ano: Tablets!I found those files in the google zip from Cyanogenmod.It took a little fiddling, but I was able to use these instructions to remount Then after I rebooted the phone, I was able to install apps that depend on Google Maps.

If you’re using all the Google Apps, I suggest reinstalling as these steps should not be necessary.

After the install and update your firmware ours, we ask you to leave feedback about whether it was useful to you.

For visitors to our website firmware-load.com, we present a new version of firmware Bluboo Xtouch.

For detailed instructions on installing this firmware in your device, we have put in a separate file, which is also easily downloaded.

We have done everything necessary to firmware for the Mlais M52 has been helpful to you.


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