Updating bt home hub

Looking at the firmware it says the firmware was updated today (assuming between midnight and me waking up) to firmware sg4b10002236.Was looking through some threads ealier and noted that the Home Hub 5A latest software should be Software version Ours is currently BT Home Hub 5 (Type A) | Software version | Last updated 29/08/14 Is the updated software only for Infinity as we are still on ADSL but currently suffering Hub resets nearly every night and resultant profile down at 1.2meg was reading that the latest software had been hot fixed a few times to resolve regular Hub resets.First one lasted a couple of months then dropping out wifi and hanging on a green light untill reset, so quick online chat and bt sent me a new smart hub hooraah The new smart hub arrives Tuesday evening and works perfectly untill I wake up Thursday morning to discover no wifi signal.All lights are blue and working as they should but no wifi , I do the dance of on then of, unplugged then plugged back in, factory reset then press the wps button on the side but no dice it's a gonner.

Just to see if have a friend come round with a laptop and ethernet cable and the home page for the smart hub says the wifi is off and the background for icon is yellow/orange not blue like the rest, so I go into advanced settings which says wifi is switched on.This was described as the "BT Wireless Hub 1800HG", or in some documentation as the "BT Wireless Home Hub 1800".This provided one USB connection, four ethernet ports and Wi-Fi 802.11b or 802.11g wireless connection.If you have any discount for BT TV, Caller Display or anything else, you will have to pay £50, plus £8 delivery.If you’re in contract but still want to upgrade, the Smart Hub will cost you the same (but this time reasonable) £50 plus postage, a huge £79.99 discount on the standard price of £129.99 that non-BT customers will pay.The latest firmwware is meant to fix the hub resets. So question is how do I get the latest firmware downloaded and also why has my Homehub never been updated by BT??


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