Updating a small bathroom

In no time you will be enjoying your bathroom once again!

Most old homes are equipped with small bathrooms, which leaves many homeowners wondering how to make the most of the limited space.

But with a bit of visual magic, color change, and lighting, you can transform your small bath into a cozy retreat.

A bathroom is a very special space, but the theories about space enlargement apply here as to any other room in the house.

And of course, you can always add a bouquet of fresh flowers to bring in life in a windowless bathroom. Have plenty of candles and lamps Relying on the terrible overhead or over mirror lighting in bathrooms is the worst.

If you're short on space, consider mounting sconces or wall lights onto the wall to add functional light without taking up counter top space.

You will be happier that you did, and so will your pocket.

Seek inspiration and advice from those that have updated their bathrooms before to steer away from common mistakes and problems.

While being on a budget for you may mean only changing out the plumbing fixtures, while to someone else it may mean only adding paint to the walls.With safety and accessibility in mind, in one day, Bath Master can convert your bathtub to a shower; a great choice for individuals who prefer the extra space of a large shower. If you are getting tired of your outdated bathroom and it’s time for an update, what are you waiting for?Use some of these decorating tricks to make your bathroom look and feel larger, even if it stays the same size.Pale, soft color schemes tend to give the illusion of more space.Shown with 8 x 10 Moroccan Marble wall pattern and straight skirt liner.


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