Unwritten dating rules

Russian and Ukrainian women, like all others, want to find someone who is not self-absorbed.

If you only write about yourself and boast of your accomplishments, she may wonder if you are even interested in her at all.

Dear friends, Online international dating has become more sophisticated and challenging.

Men who expect to just post a picture and a short bio to get the attention of Russian and Ukrainian brides will be disappointed. Russian and Ukrainian women have become more internet savvy and they are looking for dating profiles that stand out and impress.

If you don’t play the few cards you have right, she will skip right past your email, and this time you won’t have a second chance.

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It is another thing to be face to face and have to answer right away. It is the man's responsibility, yet it is highly recommended to at least have a clue about what she might like.

She will also block you over social media networks, in case you have already stalked her a little. You can easily tell if someone is a beggar, a sales agent, a businessman or a construction worker. Other than that, being late is what kills an initial relationship.

With these factors in mind, you should know that people are judged before they even open their mouths. You can also tell if someone is a gentleman or a redneck. Whether this is the first, second or third date, you want your girl to feel like a princess.

These small details will help you set things up in a more efficient manner. They never have time to talk or to go here and there. They just want to know what is going on, only to prevent unexpected situations.

Planning things early will create a romantic tension. You probably know already that the first date is the most important one. If you fail to impress her, chances are she will no longer answer your calls.


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