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You can feel the pain in Kurt Cobain’s voice; Armstrong sounds like he’s having a good time.) five-movement, nine-minute song suite “Jesus of Suburbia,” which Armstrong once said he penned to write “the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' of the future.” Green Day have hardly been on a hot streak.

The three albums - - that the band released in 2012 barely registered in terms of pop impact.

With each Green Day album, Armstrong continued to ignore the criticisms of the group's early fans as the band proceeded to strengthen its status within the mainstream, culminating in 2004's American Idiot, a rock opera that became a surprise international success, a multi-platinum Grammy winner, and the best reviewed album of the band's career.

That would have taken them less than a mile from what's now the Milwaukee Panther Arena, the site of Armstrong's 1995 arrest for indecent exposure. Here's the Journal Sentinel's front page story from the day after Armstrong's arrest in 1995.

Sure, he mainly writes punchy, punky pop-rock songs that often capture characters caught in the depth of despair but never sound all that upset about it.

(That’s one big difference between Green Day and Nirvana, the other early ‘90s band with punk roots and disconsolate lyrics that sold millions of records.

The lead singer and guitarist of the band Green Day. His looks and voice are enough to make any girl (or even guy) melt, and it is also quite attractive that he doesn't think very highly of himself.

In 2004, Green Day garnered some excitement for their then-new album by doing a few club dates, including one at New York’s Irving Plaza the day after the release of the album.


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