Transatlantic dating

One of the areas of difference between my American culture and that of my British counterpart’s was our attitudes about health and wellness.I had grown up being coddled by people when I was sick and had developed the understanding that an important way to show you care about someone is to look after them when they’re feeling under the weather.

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Sure, I knew my pasty from my ploughman’s and had enough pop culture facts to win even the most difficult pub quiz, but as it turned out, a successful intercultural relationship required more than this type of understanding about Britain.

I mean, I used to get grumpy if I didn’t see my boyfriend after one week, let alone weeks, months or even never.

We’d been together for seven years and were one of those happy “practically married” couples that would annoy our friends with our apparent romantic success in life.

Common culture, a shared language, “stupid” dating rules and a shortage of single heterosexual men are fuelling a boom in the number of New York women looking for love across the pond, matchmakers have claimed.

However Ny-Lon dating – with one partner based in London, the other in the Big Apple – is proving increasingly popular with picky professionals of both sexes, keen to skip the pitfalls of apps such as Tinder and standard dating sites in favour of more exclusive introduction services.


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