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This webinar meets the qualifications for continuing education by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

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The following steps will be taken to raise awareness, reduce its prevalence, and encourage the reporting of teen dating abuse.Teens are at a high risk for interpersonal violence when they have not received education on healthy, and unhealthy relationship behaviors.Dating violence includes physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, or stalking through digital and face-to-face communications with the goal of power, and control.Join us at the Inaugural First Ladies’ Bruncheon on Saturday, September 23rd to recognize the women and men of faith who stand up against domestic violence within their communities. We have seen how domestic violence affects lives and families.We have witnessed firsthand the damage it can cause.We are not only making a difference in the lives of young people affected by dating abuse today, but perhaps more importantly, STAR peer leaders are learning positive lessons in leadership that will foster the development of socially committed adults possessing faith in their own abilities to effect long-term social change and to achieve greater social equality that is not constrained by race, class, color, faith, sexual orientation or gender.


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