Tamagotchi tama go dating place promotional codes for uniform dating

Through the Tamagotchi's life, they will need to be punished or praised, which brings up their "Training" meter.

Though now, if you catch your Tamagotchi about to use tama go dating place bathroom, selecting the "Toilet" icon right tama go dating place will increase training too.

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You can only buy food items with this kuchipatchi version, and if you connect the kutchipatchi figurine that the top, then you can play one additional game (without the figurine, the tamagotchi has 2 games on it).

Since you are referring to it as the "date place", I am assuming you have the Tamatown Tama-GO version.

It will go to the date place once it reaches 6 yrs.

This tamagotchi does feature the dating place where they can find a mate.

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Tamatown tama go dating place in manila clan denbsp.


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