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As a result of "Love Bheits", Ünderbheit is deposed and Ünderland becomes a democratic society.

Ünderland also had no prisons, as all crimes are subject to the death penalty. At the end of season 4 and the beginning of season 5, the members of S.

In "All This and Gargantua-2", most of the Council of 13 is killed by the Sovereign as part of a gambit to draw out the Investors. Its founder is Phantom Limb, who initially created the society as his "team" to obtain the ORB for use against the Guild; however, this version of the Revenge Society was merely Phantom Limb himself along with a coffee mug named Wisdom, a toaster named Chuck, and a shoe called Lady Nightshade that he believed (possibly deludedly) were real people.

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She appeared in the 1962 hospital melodrama The Interns, and its sequel, The New Interns in 1964. Coincidentally, her longtime friend and Hart to Hart series' star, Wagner, signed a contract with Universal, but did not guest-star on more shows than Powers did.

In 1965, she played opposite Tallulah Bankhead in Die! My Darling (originally released in England as Fanatic). Her role as stripper Dottie Del Mar in 1979's Escape to Athena with Roger Moore turned out to be Powers' last theatrical film to date.


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