Speed dating in the dark

by: Fatima Mathivha - 17 April 2015 It’s 20h05 on a Saturday evening. I power walk just fast enough to save myself from breaking out into a full sweat. I hope they didn’t see me.” As I take a few steps back towards Fox Street, lined with parked cars, I see a sign just to the left of the entrance. “Shame, she’s so single and lonely she’s resorted to speed dating in the dark”, I imagine them saying.

Half-running, half-walking, I turn towards the Arts on Main entrance and catch a glimpse of a line of men comfortably seated outside the POPArt Theatre in the Maboneng Precinct. Etched on the blackboard in the brightly-lit entrance I’m hovering around are the words ‘DATING IN THE DARK’. Just as I decide to move further away from the incriminating sign I see the men walking into the theatre. We huddle into the bar and entrance of POPArt where instructions for the evening are given. I gulp down some white wine between nervous giggles until the Dutch courage settles in.

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Find out in this unique project as Brave New Productions tackles the old format ‘Radio Play’ and spins it into something for the digital world.

We found this funny video of what it would be like to speed date all of your favorite Star Wars characters (though I would personally have liked to go on a date with Yoda… Watch the video below and get a glimpse of what dating might have been like aboard the Death Star.

Dear future husband, Shakespeare said that love is blind. And if love is blind, then just how is lingerie so popular?

There’s an Indian woman, one other black woman and five white women.

Those that came with friends have conversations and take selfies while the ones that came alone silently sip wine whilst staring off into the distance.


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