Sociology point of view on dating

In a recent survey, 39 percent of respondents answered “yes” when asked whether marriage is becoming obsolete (Pew Research Center 2010).The institution of marriage is likely to continue, but some previous patterns of marriage will become outdated as new patterns emerge.This time, I found myself going on a lot more but still, nothing stuck.As a woman seeking men on the site, I found that it was incredibly easy to dismiss men for the most minuscule “flaws.” Knowing that a whole network of “matches” awaited me with just a few clicks, and knowing that, as a woman, it would be very easy to set up a date whenever I felt like it, I fluttered from date to date, thoroughly enjoying the act of and catching a glimpse of someone else’s life, but never feeling compelled to meet anyone a second time. I had become strangely addicted to sifting through profiles, a novel exercise in self-presentation with a purpose.Rather than rehashing his comedy he “wanted it to be an analysis of what everyone’s going through,” he says.“I thought of writing a humor book that was also a sociology book, so that it actually has some heft.” But for that he’d have to conduct a study—and for that he’d need a sociologist.

Furthermore, marriage will continue to be delayed as more people place education and career ahead of “settling down.” , when someone is married to only one person at a time.

I started using Ok Cupid during my sophomore year at Tufts, back in 2008, out of frustration with the insular nature of the campus.

It felt like a secret club: I never spotted anyone I knew in the listings.

Sure, personal ads have existed for ages, but the format of a personal ad is quite limited compared to Ok Cupid (or your online dating site of choice, I’m just using Ok Cupid because it’s the only one I’ve used), which combines photographs, a qualitative profile, an extensive personality quiz, socially-assigned ratings, testimonials, and more.

(when a couple shares a residence but not a marriage) becoming more acceptable in recent years, people may be less motivated to get married.


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