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You and your partner will garner an infinite amount of knowledge of each other in just one date, giving the relationship some welcomed acceleration. Would you take her to a five-star restaurant the first night? Instead, more like the Outback Steakhouse of courses. So during the round, watch the signals you broadcast to your partner.

The problem of course, is that in a four hour-round of golf, your date will discover an awful lot about you. You know, not trying to impress anyone but getting the job done at a reasonable price. These actions may seem miniscule, but they could mean a world of difference.

Research proves that compatibility is the foundation a relationship builds on.Filed under: Uncategorized | Leave a comment » It turns out the average golfer takes about 12,000 steps during a normal round of golf.This is great news considering many health and fitness experts recommend we take at least 10,000 steps daily.It’s not just Tiger who’s made it acceptable for women to consider polo-clad warriors. It’ll be refreshing in more ways than one for the girl who’s been taken on the same date of dinner and dancing more repeatedly than Anna Kournikova flip-flops between hockey players.Phil Mickelson tied the knot with former Phoenix Suns cheerleader Amy Mc Bride several years back . It’s also been said you can find out more about a person through a single four-hour round of golf than a month of dinners. Don’t take her to golf’s version of Steak n’ Shake either.Diane and Brian were both single golfers and met on Date in April 2006.


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