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It’s a dirty secret from the patriarchal past, and it’s been mostly successfully scrubbed from our consciousness by gender-bending feminists.

This loss is mourned by men, who desperately seek feminine women.

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I don’t want to completely morph into a touchy-feely mother to all living things.

I’m honestly still not sure what I’ll gain from this -the visual component is seriously lacking, which is why I saw no point in being that sort of girl -or even where to start.

These laws permit the husband to beat his wife with a rod or switch as long as its circumference is no greater than the girth of the base of the man’s right thumb, hence “The Rule of Thumb.” The tradition of these laws is perpetuated in English Common Law and throughout most of Europe.

3The Church fathers re-establish the husband’s patriarchal authority and the patriarchal values of Roman and Jewish law.


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