Shared dating password

It's like reading someone's diary-always better not to.I wouldn't even want to know what my exes said about me to friends! Ellen Tarlin : I wouldn't go so far as to say sharing passwords is laziness for my husband and me-not that we are not the laziest people on the planet-but it is expeditious. Fortunately, I don't think our dog knows any of our passwords.“That’s a positive thing, not a negative thing.” And other research suggests password sharing of SVOD is not at epidemic levels.published an article yesterday on how social media complicate relationships when a couple shares passwords.To share or not to share has been a point of contention in relationships at least since the '90s George Costanza is bullied into giving up his ATM password to a girlfriend (it's Bosco).Now that everyone needs a password for her phone, her e-mail, her Netflix account, her Facebook, and her Twitter, the pressure to share passwords is even more intense.

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Sharing your password to your Netflix account is like sharing a part of yourself: your likes, your dislikes, your recent viewing history.

And make no mistake, it’s a unique type of closeness that can’t be achieved through passionate sex or honest conversation. Eventually, we grew even more “trusting” with our digital lives. Any new password that shut her out of my life would be a red flag, signaling that I was lying or misbehaving once again.

We left our computers open, email and Facebook logged in, and didn’t worry about snooping or invasion of privacy with each other. Though this story is my own, I’m certainly not alone in the password swap or the snooping significant other.

A study last year by research firm Parks Associates suggested SVOD services would stand to lose upwards of 0 million in revenue in 2015 from the practice.

But Netflix, HBO and others have downplayed the impact of password sharing on their businesses.


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