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At least he doesn’t see Joe (Jason Lewis) sprout wings or hear Fiji’s cat Mr. Not to mention all the magic and supernatural happenings. I wouldn’t call myself a superfan or anything, but I’ve read all her stuff and enjoyed it all, no matter how stupid.

The Harper Connelly series will always have my heart and frankly if I had to pick a Harris series to adapt to television that would be my first stop.

Ms Thida Khus, head of Silaka, a women's rights group, described the ministry's action as 'appalling'.'This situation only happens to women and it's gender discrimination,' she said. Women are the ones prone to this.'Ms Khus said the ministry was preventing Miss Kwan from getting work and was asking employers to co-operate by not hiring her - another wave of discrimination, she added.

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It also may be sitting on top of a hellmouth, if that ominous glowing red light coming up through Manfred Bernardo’s (François Arnaud) floorboards is any indication.

Speaking of the possibly-fake-but-probably-real psychic, Manfred flees Dallas for Midnight at the behest of his dead grandmother Xylda (Joanne Camp) to escape her determined creditors. Within a few hours of Manfred’s arrival he encounters the corpse of Bobo Winthrop’s (Dylan Bruce) missing fiance, hits on Creek (Sarah Ramos) the daughter of a very overprotective father, has his life force sucked out by vampire Lemuel (Peter Mensah), steals holy water from a creepy reverend (Yul Vazquez), witnesses Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) go all on a couple of cops, is beaten up by Olivia the hitwoman (Arielle Kebbel), and summons a host of very pissed off ghosts and maybe a demon. The main season arc looks like it’s going to be sorting out who killed Aubrey (Shannon Lorance) and dealing with the Sons of Lucifer white supremacist biker gang.

When Aubrey’s body is found in a creek and the cops – with Manfred’s psychic help – turn up a gun registered to Bobo, he gets accosted first by a pair of neo-nazis and later by two grouchy sheriffs.

Turns out Aubrey was still married to a white supremacist gang leader when she fell in love with Bobo.


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