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    In 2010, he started dating her and the couple called it days for their relationships in 2015.

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    Most of us can function normally day to day, but when we see someone attractive across a crowded room... We become locked into a catatonic state I call FGB, Frozen Guy Behavior or Frozen Girl Behavior. Maybe it's happening to you right now as you read this on your laptop at Starbucks. "So what's wrong with these loser guys you're teaching? " I pointed out some poor soul, minding his own business, eating lunch on a curb. But no camera, no microphone, no reporter-credential." You can probably guess what happened next. Ask a person on the street what to do about the fear of approaching a hottie in a bar and you'll likely get a lecture on how easy it is to meet people. "Worked for me." For the record, Andy is getting married in a few weeks to a great girl so maybe he's onto something.