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Jan Hamilton's complaint, recorded Tuesday in the U. District Court of Denver, is the Texas transplant's latest salvo that centers around her sexual orientation, age, purported battle with cancer and a host of other issues. In other words, Hamilton must complete her lawsuit on a court-approved prisoner-complaint form and include other required paperwork, the order says.

The saga is complex because Redfern initially reached a plea bargain that allowed her to avoid the most serious charge in the sex case and avoid registering as a sexual offender, then jeopardized the deal by violating conditions of her bond and getting arrested on new charges.

Redfern, a former teacher and coach at Basalt High School, was charged in February with two counts of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, pattern of abuse.

But locals are struggling to find new settlers to follow in the footsteps of Fletcher Christian, who led the mutiny.

Only one application has been received to move to the island, even though the government provides all immigrants with a plot to build their own house and temperatures stay above 62F (17C) all year round.


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