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All the 52 defendants were charged with "obscene behavior" under a law against prostitution (Article 9c of Law No. Two of the men, accused of being the ringleaders of a homosexual "cult," are charged in addition with "contempt for religion" under Article 98f of the Penal Code. 1/ At least some of the men have been tortured in detention Reports from lawyers indicate that the men were subjected to beatings, electroshock, and abuse from their first incarceration in the police lockup, apparently in order to force them to confess to homosexual acts.

That one time a certain goddess almost destroyed the world...until she got super drunk and passed out.

Back in the good ol' days, things like death and nighttime didn't even exist, and everyone was happy under the reign of the sun god Re. But, as they're wont to do, humans ruined it all.

The trial of 52 suspected gay men on charges of immorality, which opened in Cairo on July 18, signaled an end to long years of discreet and quietly tolerated public activity by the Egyptian gay community.

Standing in a cage in a small, crowded courtroom, the defendants were testament to a deep political crisis faced by an insecure regime, a threatened gay community, a mediocre press and a shattered rights movement.


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