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How big problem am I in if say the parents find out? But those aren't odds that I'd ever gamble with and neither should you. However, you're walking a thin line here, VERY thin!

Some suggest mentioning shared interests, as indicated on a match’s Tinder bio.Maybe it’s when you’re in the middle of a wonderful dream about Leonardo Di Caprio and everyone starts talking in the group chat.Or maybe it’s when two members of the group chat start having a conversation they could be having PRIVATELY instead.So I’ll stop now, and I’ll hand it over to clever Tumblr users.Here are 30 times Tumblr perfectly described the struggles of being in a group chat: 1.To the uninitiated, beginning a conversation with a stranger on Tinder could seem simple - but in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. While these efforts have proved popular on social media, it seems unlikely that any dates have been arranged this way, either.


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