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As a (currently) single pastor myself, I can relate with and vouch for much of this sermon's content, experientially and biblically. Also, if singleness is a gift why do people want to get married?Doesn't God place that desire to marry into your heart?This is a great background for starting Vacation Bible School, youth gatherings, or any service any time of year!The Fun Galaxy Welcome Still Background is part of the Fun Galaxy Collection.The relationship one has with God takes precedence over any relationship with any other human being.As many of you know, my wife Sue and I have been married for more than thirty years.

No this morning, I want to talk to you about Christ's love for His bride, the Church."The antidote to disfunctional relationships is not to encourage singles to just ‘get out there and dig in’, but to encourage them to dive into service within their local church, to take advantage of this season of life to follow hard after God and to think and pray through those characteristics that they value in a mate. Is singleness the ‘purgatory’ on the way to marriage? ''Boy Meets Girl'' takes an honest and straightforward look at dating relationships and the challenges they bring. Martin Collins, reflecting on the pervasive influence of pornography on the Internet, television, music, and print media, suggests that young people engaging in premarital sex are acting like sheep to the slaughter, totally oblivious to the real facts of life.We have a daughter who is 27, and we have two grandsons. Our son is 17, and of course, he is single as well.


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