Seaprated dating

You've decided to split but you're still living together.You're no longer a couple, but you're not yet independent.I just think one should take some "me" time and a lot of it (maybe 5-6 years is more than necessary though).Like you, there were times when I missed a man's touch (still do sometimes), but all in all, I grew stronger and happier with every day... :-)When I was separated in 2004, after 21 yrs of marriage, I took a year off to just do things for myself. But, of course, loneliness does kick in and you realize you have to join a dating site(s) because 21 yrs ago you were the same age as the patrons at the bars.

Until we have answers, we don't want to tell the kids we're splitting up.

A lot of pros and cons can stack up over the years and a clear decision isn’t easy to reach for those involved.

There are often no blacks or whites because the marriage is such a mix. You are getting in deeper and deeper…yet, at this time, it’s really not about you.

Question: Dear Luise: I have been seeing a man who is married. I wasn’t expecting to meet him and fall head over heels for him. You must know that the situation you’re in is a pretty serious gamble. The reason you are confused is because the guy is confused. If you don’t want to pull back and wait until he knows what he wants, the only other thing that you can do to protect yourself is to take it one day at a time.

His wife has no plans to come back but he is having a problem letting her go. He keeps on telling me that he likes what we have and he enjoys every bit of our time together, but he runs every time she calls, even though she doesn’t want him. The odds of your getting hurt further are very high.


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