Sailors only dating Cuckold chat camera

Speaking of that “girl in every port” thing, how is it cheating when you know you’ll never see the person again, and when his girlfriend could never possibly find out?

You’ll think you can be cool and let him get away with it because well, he’s a sailor, and that’s what they do.

Let’s read them one by one: In this age of technology where people are in constant touch with each other, no matter where they are in the world, you learn to communicate with your lover once in a few days or weeks over satellite calls.

Or you write mails to each other for which you get a reply the next day.

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To some it may sound glamorous and fascinating, and to some difficult.

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If there’s anything a sailor likes more than having a girl in every port, it’s having a girl he’s known since high school to joyfully meet him when he gets home.

Turns out there are more girls than you might think willing to spend their evenings huddled in front of…


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