Rozonda thomas dating history

The film then jumps to the year 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tionne, after being rejected for an all-male street dance crew despite impressing the crowd at a rollerskating center, is approached by her friend, Marie, who informs her about a girl group being formed by Ian Burke and persuades her to audition for La Face Records.

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as well as the seventh most successful act of the 1990s.

Fans might also enjoy this list of Usher's celebrity friends.

These women come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they're all women that Usher has either dated or canoodled with.

All the while dominating the charts and the music industry. It's honestly sad to see how the music industry can mess with people that have dreams of becoming a superstar. It showed everything from Love to torn friendships to Family.

Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story is a 2013 American television biographical film about the R&B and hip hop musical trio TLC.


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