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There is still so much more to learn here and to encourage far greater integration into the world of historians and archaeologists (be they interested in prehistoric monuments and landscapes, settlements, ancient artefacts, architecture, art, historical events...), not just as a means of recording and presenting, but as a means of rigorously interrogating and interpreting diverse sets of sources and evidence and drawing these together in such a way that is not possible through methods of research to reveal knowledge that has potentially hitherto remained obscured and hidden from sight.Visit this site ( to see all the exciting research, work and ventures that are happening in this field.", which is now briefly introduced here and will shortly be expanded on in further articles, represents the first ever undertaking in tackling the challenge of collating, piecing together and synthesising many different types of historical evidence to begin digitally visualising this absolutely immense, complex and wonderfully intriguing building.But although Matt Hicks, a 24-year-old environmental consultant from Exeter, may have duped the aspiring princesses with diamonds in their eyes, the reality show I Wanna Marry Harry did not woo viewers.

Essentially, they were basic af til they met these dudes who are royals and changed their lives forever. Letizia was a journalist for CNN, where she met the then Prince while covering a story about oil slick on the Galician shoreline.If like most of us, you thought Grace Kelly and Diana Spencer were just born into awesomeness, turns out you'd be hella wrong.Like so many billions of us around the world, they too were commoners.They have a natural inclination toward history and antiquity; and though they met via the net on Royal, they could not disguise their preferences with their chosen handles of 'Lord Magellan' and 'Wench Chastity'.It was a match made in Heaven and they hand-fasted on the anvil at Gretna Green in Medieval fashion...followed by an intimate, but rousing celebration at Borthwick Castle, Edinburgh.She took to Twitter to address the gossip, throwing a bucket of water on the blaze before it got out of control.


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