Quest resource updating agent

Defined properties: All Weight: 0.453 Weight: 0.453 All Item ID: 36166 Item ID: 36166 All Release date: 7 December 2015 Release date: 7 December 2015 All Is members only: true Is members only: true All Value: 120000 Value: 120000 The master quest cape is a cape which represents a player's achievements in quests and lore-related content.

It is available to players who have completed all quests, post-quest rewards, miniquests, found most lore-related books, and fulfilled various other requirements.

All Capes of Accomplishment can be added to a max cape, completionist cape, or trimmed completionist cape, after which players may choose to enable up to three perks.

indicates that a temporary boost may be used to reach that level, however a minimum (not boostable) level of 90 for all skills (except Invention) is required to complete some of the requirements.

Like the quest point cape, this cape is announced when it is purchased for this first time.

This cape is not a requirement for the completionist cape or its trimmed version.

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