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Tragically, Seventh-Day Adventists ADD good works to salvation, which is a damnable heresy.

SDA's also ADD the keeping of the Sabbath day to faith in Christ, which is NO faith at all.

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Just think in a creative manner and start a vivid group discussion with one of these abstract motifs to talk about: * The Nostradamus Code – value of these predictions on judicial astrology.* Breast Implants – saline and silicone types and safety.* Bribery in Business – why it is unethical and not honest, and causes inequality.* Computer Viruses – recent attacks and removal strategies.* Bigamy – compare federal laws with state regulation.* Hidden Persuaders – why subliminal advertising is banned.* Moral Majority – examine the faith and values of this political action coalition.* Hippocratic Oath – ethical medical professional behavior in modern times.* Political Correctness – when does this policy cross a line?

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Keep in mind that all current group discussion topics are not my opinion, but just a sample list of speech topics!

I repeat this now and then to be clear to public speakers who look for fresh ideas. * Sustainable urban living without the use of excessive natural resources must be our future.* Are there extraterrestrials who influence events on Earth?

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Eternal life is a FREE GIFT (Romans ; ), paid for by the blood of Jesus (Colossians ).

The first step is where a great number of students get stuck. The topic must be interesting, the topic must be essential and finally the topic must be informative.

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SDA's teach that the life a person lives must be taken into account, even after they have died.

SDA's believe exclusively in a doctrine called the "Investigative Judgment" where Christ enters into the Holy of Holies in Heaven to decide whether or not we are "worthy" to enter Heaven.


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