Programmatically updating with detailview

Otherwise, there will be no detail rowset retrieved. Sample application is prepared as usual - Master Detail Access This application contains one Master VO and one Detail: You would need to fix it, as for example by calling first() method. There are many cases when you wouldn't want to include the whole dataset and hierarchy in your application.

TIP: It is helpful to think about how an e-mail app on a mobile device operates when trying to understand how the UX component implements disconnected applications.

Suppliers Dim template As New Grid View Template() template.

Add(template) Dim relation As New Grid View Relation(Rad Grid View1.

For setting the hierarchy, you will need the special Grid View Relation class, which defines the related field in parent and child tables.

Consider the sample below: Private Sub Binding To Hierarchical Grid Programatically_Load(By Val sender As System.


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